Meet The Rainbow Standard: Mustard Made’s Vibrant Tribute to Love, Equality, and Diversity

Mustard Made, known for its colorful and stylish lockers, has just unveiled a limited edition release that’s set to make waves. Introducing The Rainbow Standard, a stunning longline locker that features every Mustard color in one beautiful piece. This unique Limited Edition creation isn’t just about vibrant aesthetics—it’s a powerful symbol of love, equality, diversity, and resistance. To underscore its commitment, Mustard will donate 50% of all sales of The Rainbow Standard to Outright International.

Outright International is a dedicated LGBTIQ human rights advocacy organization fighting against human rights violations and abuses targeting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, and queer people. To learn more about their mission and impactful work, visit

“The rainbow is a vital emblem of the LGBTIQ community and we wanted to make sure this very special piece didn’t just look good; it needed to do good too by giving back to that community,” said Becca Stern, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Mustard Made.

The Rainbow Standard – £399

“Color is at the heart of what we do at Mustard, but we know the rainbow is a symbol of so much more. Creating The Rainbow Standard is the perfect way for us to take what we do best—beautiful storage for home, work, and play—and use it to give back in a tangible way,” Becca added.

Elise Colomer-Cheadle, Director of Development at Outright International, expressed her gratitude for the partnership, stating, “As a supporter of Outright and our mission, Mustard Made understands the importance of equality and inclusion and is committed to advancing the human rights of LGBTIQ communities around the world. We are proud to call Mustard Made our partner.”

With only 70 units produced globally, The Rainbow Standard is indeed a very limited edition. To celebrate this colorful creation’s debut, Mustard has teamed up with the internet’s favorite maximalist creators, @joshandmattdesign.

Josh explained the significance of this collaboration, saying, “It wasn’t easy for us, first starting out and being our authentic selves. We still struggle with it. That’s why organizations like Outright International are so important—to help the next generation and all members of the LGBTIQ community to be who they are and create a safe space.”

“We’re all about authenticity and reflecting yourself in the home, and you need to start with being comfortable with who you are first before you can do that,” added Matt.

The Rainbow Standard has already sold out in Australia and Europe, with preorders available for delivery in October. The lockers are selling fast in the USA and UK, so order quickly to secure yours!

The Rainbow Standard launched on June 18th, exclusively available at

About Mustard Made

Founded by sisters Becca and Jess, Mustard Made creates colorful lockers for home, work, and play. Launched in Australia (where Becca lives) and the UK (where Jess resides) in 2018, Mustard has been spreading the locker love around the world ever since.

Mustard is here to help you tidy up while looking good. They’ve reimagined old-school lockers to be both pretty and practical. Their products are designed for versatile use, fitting seamlessly into spaces ranging from a new baby’s nursery to a trendy co-working space. With versatility and functionality at the core, Mustard’s lockers bring color and playfulness to any environment.

What started as a fun way for Becca and Jess to spend more time together has grown into a beloved family business with big dreams and a love for lockers in all shapes and sizes.

Fall in love with lockers for home, work, and play with Mustard Made.

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