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Pastel Christmas: Styling with Mustard Made & Charlotte Jacklin

As the holiday season approaches, Mustard has joined forces with digital creator and taste-maker Charlotte Jacklin to introduce 2023’s most enchanting festive trend – pastel Christmas decor. Departing from the traditional red and green, the pastel palette is injecting a breath of fresh air and a touch of North Pole magic into the world of holiday design.

The Magic of Pastels

“Pastel colours have an extraordinary ability to infuse serenity and joy into any space, making them the perfect choice to create an atmosphere of magic and enchantment during the holiday season,” says Becca Stern, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Mustard Made. The subtle hues of pastels bring a sense of tranquility, offering a unique and refreshing twist to the customary vibrant Christmas color scheme.

The Dominant Hues

This year, it’s the delicate pinks and blush tones that take center stage in the pastel Christmas styling, accompanied by champagne golds, lilac, and sage green. Becca Stern suggests that this particular color combination works harmoniously with snow-flocked trees and a touch of sparkle, creating a beautifully fresh and captivating festive display.

A Palette of Elegance

Breaking away from the conventional bold and bright Christmas colors, the pastel palette offers an elegant and sophisticated alternative. The gentle tones not only add a touch of whimsy but also radiate a sense of warmth and coziness, transforming any space into a haven of holiday cheer.

Collaboration with Charlotte Jacklin

To bring this exquisite trend to life, Mustard has collaborated with Charlotte Jacklin, a digital creator and taste-maker known for her keen sense of style. The collaboration has resulted in a selection of beautiful new images that showcase the magical possibilities of pastel Christmas decor, curated by Charlotte Jacklin herself.

This holiday season, bid farewell to the conventional and embrace the enchanting allure of pastel Christmas decor. Mustard and Charlotte Jacklin’s collaboration has given rise to a trend that not only breaks the mold but also brings forth a sense of serenity and joy. With the delicate pinks, blush tones, and other pastel hues, your festive display is sure to stand out, radiating elegance and a sprinkle of North Pole magic.

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