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Beach House Art Unveils “Coastal Visions” & Introduces New Guest Artist Claire Howlett

Beach House Art proudly announces the launch of their Guest Artist Collection, featuring the captivating works of renowned landscape artist Claire Howlett. Aptly titled “Coastal Visions,” this exclusive collection comprises eight stunning sea paintings, available for purchase exclusively through as prints (framed or unframed), or prints on canvas.

Claire’s original large artwork starts at £1000, making this a unique opportunity for customers to acquire her incredible work at a more accessible price point, and this is the first time that Claire’s art has been available to purchase in print. 

Prices for Coastal Visions start at £39 for an unframed print, £69 for framed and ready-to-hang, and £95 printed on Canvas (unframed) & £145 for a framed canvas. 

Artist Claire Howlett – Coastal Visions, exclusive guest artist for Beach House Art

“I am thrilled to launch my exclusive print collection, Coastal Visions, with the passionate team at Beach House Art. Our mutual love for the sea and commitment to elevating homes with stunning artwork create a symbiotic partnership filled with genuine excitement. Sharing my creations with a wider audience is truly exhilarating, and the early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

Claire’s artistic journey, rooted in formal training at Oxford Brookes University, has evolved through art restoration and bespoke framing. Now, based in her Oxfordshire studio, she passionately dedicates herself to her craft, translating the essence of nature onto canvas with each intuitive brushstroke. The result? A collection that eloquently captures the untamed beauty of our world.

Brian MacShane, Cofounder, Beach House Art, comments;

“We are thrilled to welcome Claire Howlett as our first-ever guest artist, promoting incredible artists through our platform has long been our intention, and we couldn’t be more excited to present her stunning collection, ‘Coastal Visions,’ to our customers. With its evocative portrayal of coastal landscapes, Claire’s work is sure to resonate with lovers of home decor seeking to infuse their spaces with the raw beauty of nature.” 

Claire Howlett’s artistry transcends traditional landscape portrayals, inviting viewers on a profound journey through the untamed beauty of nature. With an unwavering dedication to capturing the essence and mood of landscapes, Claire’s work stands as a testament to the raw magnificence of our natural world.

Drawing inspiration from her surroundings, particularly the rugged landscapes of Cornwall, Claire infuses each piece with an unparalleled depth of emotion and authenticity. Through layers of acrylic and occasional oils, she masterfully crafts her compositions, employing techniques such as glazes and texture to evoke the intricate dance of light and the tumultuous embrace of the elements.

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