Marta Szymańska

Spotlight On: Illustrator Marta Szymańska

Are you a fan of children’s books with whimsical illustrations that transport you to a world of magic and wonder? If so, then you need to meet Marta Szymańska the talented illustrator who brings enchanting stories to life with her stunning artwork. Specializing in forest, animal, and fairy tale related drawings, Marta’s illustrations captivate readers of all ages and ignite their imaginations.

One of Marta’s unique skills is her ability to create illustrations using both digital and traditional techniques. She is equally proficient in digital illustration, where she brings her visions to life using software and digital tools, as well as in traditional illustration, where she employs watercolor and gouache techniques. Her versatility in using different mediums allows her to create illustrations with diverse styles, while maintaining her signature touch of magic and wonder.

In addition to her illustration work, Marta is also an animal lover and enjoys spending time with her beloved cats and dog. She often finds inspiration in the playfulness and curiosity of her furry friends, incorporating their personalities into her illustrations to create endearing and relatable characters that resonate with young readers.

Marta’s illustrations have been featured in numerous children’s books, earning her acclaim and recognition among both readers and fellow artists alike. Her artwork has the power to transport readers to far-off lands, spark their imagination, and instill a love for nature and animals. Through her illustrations, Marta has the ability to create a sense of wonder and magic that captivates readers of all ages and leaves a lasting impression.

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