Sketchboard Pro

Feel Better & Draw Better with Sketchboard Pro, the Award-Winning iPad Stand for Artists

As an artist, you want the freedom to create your art anywhere, but sometimes drawing on a tablet can be uncomfortable and even painful. That’s where Sketchboard Pro comes in. This award-winning iPad stand for artists is designed to make your drawing experience comfortable, versatile, and sustainable.

Pop Out Legs for a Comfortable Angle

The Sketchboard Pro’s legs easily fold out to create a comfortable 20-degree angled drawing surface. This allows you to have a drawing desk experience virtually anywhere in landscape or portrait orientation. Whether you’re drawing at a desk, on a couch, or the kitchen table, Sketchboard Pro offers versatility, stability, and relief from discomfort and pain typically felt when drawing on a tablet for hours.

Upgrade Your Drawing Experience

Sketchboard Pro combines what you love about drawing on an iPad with the traditional physical experience of making art. The Sketchboard Pro enables you to use your full arm while drawing to achieve a more elegant, flowing look to your lines and bring your drawings to life.

A Smooth Surface for Your Hand to Glide Across

With the Sketchboard Pro, your iPad is nestled into a form-fitted cradle that creates a smooth surface for your hand to glide across. For the first time, this enables you to utilize the complete canvas when drawing on your iPad, rather than resting your hand on areas of the screen where you could be drawing.

Designed for Artists by Artists

Sketchboard Pro was created at Braintreehouse, an art studio, out of necessity. The team then spent over a year developing and testing the Sketchboard Pro with professional artists in an effort to refine its ergonomics. The result is an iPad stand designed to support you and your art.

Charge Your iPad While You Work

The charging port allows you to keep your iPad connected to power for those long work sprints that can be a massive drain on your battery.

Designed for Upgrades

If you plan to upgrade your tablet in the future, don’t worry! When you change tablet sizes, simply swap out the center of your Sketchboard Pro with one of our Upgrade Kits and you’re good to go!

A Stand That Goes Both Ways

For those times when you need a taller canvas, optional portrait legs fold out to give you a comfortable experience with support for both righties and lefties.

Sustainable for Your Future

Sketchboard Pro is committed to reforestation and reducing our carbon footprint. Thanks to their partnership with Ecologi, Sketchboard Pro plant a tree for every Sketchboard Pro sold! The Sketchboard forest is already over 10,000 trees strong and growing.

Now comes in white!

I’m beyond excited that the Sketchboard Pro will be launched in white in Europe soon! Already proving popular with their American customers, the white stand is perfect. With its beautiful white smooth surface and sleek lines it just ozzes style.

The Sketchboard Pro is more than just an iPad stand. It’s a versatile tool that makes it possible for artists to work anywhere with comfort and ease. So, get up, stand up, and start creating with Sketchboard Pro.

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