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Click’n Tile: The Unique Tiling System Revolutionizing Tile Installation

In 2017, Lars Thomsen founded Click’n Tile with a vision to revolutionize tile installation. The idea came to him during a renovation when he had to tear down a tiled wall himself. The amount of waste involved and the shear amount of work to remove tiles gave Lars the idea for a completely new tile concept. Lars is a trained craftsman with years of experience working as a product manager at Dyrup and Gori. He has always been an expert in thinking about the development and use of surfaces.

What exactly is the Click’n Tile system

Click’n Tile’s unique tiling system makes installing new tiles easy and dare we say, fun. You can get their tiles in two sizes: the standard 10x10cm and subway tiles which measure 13.3*6.6cm. Click’n Tile have a collection of over 23 different colors, and you have the opportunity to mix and match them, creating your very own personal look. Whether you need new tiles for the kitchen, a feature in a children’s bedroom or playroom, or utility room, there’s endless opportunities, only your imagination is the limit.

Click’n Tiles also provides design proposals to help inspire their customers and create a focal point for the customers project. For those buying from them for the first time, they suggest adding a mounting plate, glue, suction cup, and end strips. Customers can also mount tiles with double-sided tape, which is particularly suitable for those who live in rented accommodation. TIP: You could also first apply sticky back plastic and then double sided tape, making it truely rental friendly!

Why are Click’n Tile a fabulous product

One of the most significant advantages of Click’n Tile’s system is its simplicity. You don’t need professionals or special craftsmanship to install their tiles, as they can be easily clicked on and off. The tiles are mounted on a specially designed back plate, which makes grouting unnecessary. This is perfect for those who want to change the colors and expressions of their tiles easily and conveniently. If you’re anything like me, my interior changes with my mood! And how fab would it be to have pink tiles in your kitchen half of the year and then yellow for the rest of the year! Or even change pattens as well as colour.

Check them out in action!

Printed tiles? Yes please!

Want to get super fancy? You can even have your tiles printed! Yes that’s right, with Click’n Tile you have the opportunity to print your own design. The print can either be a pattern or a motif. How amazing would this be for your home styling projects! Or even for your business premises!

I’m so excited by Click’n Tile, they have brought a game-changing concept to the tile industry. One that allows customer to install it themselves, get so creative that it has endless opportunitues and makes tiling more accessable than ever before!

So why not try your hand at Click’n Tile’s tiles and create your very own personal expression?

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