Introducing the Clarke & Clarke x Breegan Jane Collection: A Fusion of Global Inspiration and British Design Excellence

Lime Lace is thrilled to introduce the newest addition to its lineup: the Clarke & Clarke x Breegan Jane Collection. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the world of interior design, blending Clarke & Clarke’s British design sensibilities with the creative vision of renowned interior designer Breegan Jane.

The SS24 Collection is not just a mere assortment of fabrics and wallpapers; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration and the celebration of nature’s beauty interpreted through a modern lens. Inspired by Breegan Jane’s worldly travels and her profound connection to different landscapes, the collection exudes a sense of global sophistication.

Breegan Jane’s design philosophy is deeply rooted in her experiences around the world. From the lush landscapes of Kenya to the vibrant nightlife of Ibiza and the iconic palm trees of Los Angeles, each locale has left an indelible mark on her creative process. Through this collection, she brings together elements from these diverse environments, infusing homes with hints of global beauty and opulence.

The result is a stunning array of patterns and colorways that seamlessly blend African influences with contemporary aesthetics. Whether it’s the bold motifs inspired by the savannas of Kenya or the tranquil hues reminiscent of Ibiza’s coastline, each design tells a story of adventure and discovery.

“I wanted to capture the essence of my favorite places on earth and translate them into designs that evoke a sense of wonder and wanderlust,” says Breegan Jane, Founder & Principal of Breegan Jane Design. “By incorporating elements from these locations, I hope to infuse homes with a touch of global charm and elegance.”

The Clarke & Clarke x Breegan Jane Collection is now available exclusively through Lime Lace. It invites homeowners, interior designers, and design enthusiasts alike to explore a world of possibility and reimagine their living spaces with a touch of sophistication and flair.

To discover more about the collection and to bring a touch of Breegan Jane’s artistic perspective into your home, visit Lime Lace’s Designers page featuring Clarke & Clarke.

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