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Transform Your Home with Enchanting Sand & Stone: The Ultimate Interior Design Power Duo

Warming neutral hues of sand and stone have become a firm favourite within the world of interior design thanks to their ability to create a calming, tranquil ambience throughout the home (and the fact that they compliment virtually every colour combination you might have in mind).

In the ever-changing landscape of interior design trends, some classic elements have an enduring charm that withstands the test of time. The allure of sand and stone, with their warm and inviting tones, has captivated homeowners and designers alike. Whether you are aiming for a complete interior overhaul or simply looking to incorporate a few statement accessories, the elegance of sand and stone is a versatile choice that suits any home. Let’s explore how you can infuse these soothing shades into your living spaces to create an oasis of serenity.

1. Calm and Serene Atmosphere

The essence of sand and stone lies in their ability to evoke a sense of tranquility and serenity. These hues bring the soothing sensation of the beach or the ruggedness of a rocky landscape right into your home. When used as the primary color scheme, these neutrals effortlessly set the stage for a calming atmosphere, allowing you to unwind after a long day and escape from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

2. Timeless Elegance

Unlike passing trends, the timeless elegance of sand and stone remains constant. As interior design preferences evolve, these neutral hues continue to stay relevant, making them a wise investment for any homeowner. Whether you prefer a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic or a more traditional approach, sand and stone provide a solid foundation to build upon.

3. Versatile Canvas

One of the greatest advantages of sand and stone is their exceptional versatility. These neutrals serve as an ideal backdrop for any accent color or pattern you wish to incorporate into your space. From vibrant, bold hues to soft pastels, they effortlessly complement and enhance the overall aesthetics of your interior. This adaptability ensures that you can experiment with different styles and accessories without worrying about clashing tones.

4. Curated Collection for Every Taste

Our handpicked collection brings together a wide range of sand and stone-inspired pieces that cater to diverse tastes and preferences. Whether you are a fan of rustic charm, modern minimalism, or eclectic designs, our carefully curated assortment has something for everyone. From furniture and textiles to decorative accents and wall art, these pieces will infuse your home with an air of refined sophistication.

5. Accessorize to Ground Your Space

For those who prefer a more subtle approach, incorporating sand and stone through accessories is a perfect way to ground your space. Decorative cushions, area rugs, and curtains in these tones can instantly transform the ambiance of a room, adding a touch of understated elegance. Pairing these with natural materials like wood or jute enhances the overall earthy feel, bringing you closer to nature within the comfort of your home.

Sand and stone are more than just colors; they are a journey back to nature, a tranquil escape from the chaos of modern life. Their warm, neutral hues effortlessly blend into any design theme, offering a timeless elegance that endures the changing tides of interior trends. Whether you choose to create an entire space around these calming tones or use them as grounding accents, the allure of sand and stone is sure to envelop your home in an air of serenity.

So, why not embrace the serene beauty of sand and stone? Elevate your living spaces with this exquisite palette and discover the transformative power of these ageless neutrals. Welcome a world of tranquility into your home, and experience the soothing embrace of these warming hues for yourself.

So sit back, relax and check out these gorgeous Sand & Stone home items we have rounded up…

Twister Oak Effect Resin Table Lamp – £130 (£104.00 at the moment!)

Introducing an exquisite Natural Oak Effect Resin Lamp paired with a stunning Natural Linen Shade, guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on any household.

Hailing from the charming, family-run business in Cornwall, Designs in the Sand, this one-of-a-kind lamp effortlessly brings a touch of unparalleled sophistication to your living space.

Bear's Paw No.123

Bear’s Paw No.123 – £44.95

Bear’s Paw has been developed, and named, by one of our lovely customers, the @at_homewiths on Instagram. Stevie has been working on a renovation project in Cheshire and is using our Victory Colours paints throughout to create a beautiful, stylish and neutral decor. Bear is her cat and he has the honour of being immortalised as a paint colour name in our collection.

This subtle, pared down neutral has a depth and warmth to it which makes it the perfect neutral for walls and ceilings. Combine with Madge for a warmer relaxed feel, or pair with Victory White or Manor White to bring out the depth of colour.

A Modern Grand Tour - Oyster Pink - Mini Feather Lamp - Silver Base

A Modern Grand Tour – Oyster Pink – Mini Feather Lamp – Silver Base95£1900

If you loved the stunning floor standing lamps from A Modern Grand Tour then these mini lamps are sure to steal your heart! Sure to make the perfect accent to any modern interior; treat yourself and your home to some miniature Hollywood glamour today.

To transform your bedroom completely why not have one either side of your bed? The soft lighting will make for the perfect ambient bedroom lamp.

White Shell Pillar Candle

White Shell Pillar Candle – £85

NACRE; Raw concrete and seashells combine to represent the mystical powers of the ocean. This collection is designed to influence the energy in your space and reflect the healing and calming nature of water.

This candle features natural shells that have been ethically collected. Seashells represent water and the cleansing power of the sea. They have strong protective energies and the ability to help stimulate our intuition and imagination.

Delicate little shells are encapsulated in a base of white sand and white artisan concrete. Topped with a hand poured soy wax pillar. The fragrance blended for this collection is a calming, refreshing scent with base notes of sandalwood, patchouli and cedar, topped with delicate hints of citrus. This scent is rejuvenating and can help you to feel more balanced and grounded.

Arista Cushion Cover, Natural, 50x50 cm

Arista Cushion Cover, Natural, 50×50 cm – £38

Lo and behold our bohemian style 100% linen cushion covers have arrived, a classic floral design with intricate beading work and stitching with tassels on each side for a contemporary look with maximum wow power.

These beauties will charm all those who see it and will make a wonderful addition to your space. The stunning craftsmanship is handmade by talented skilled artisans in India.

Versatile cushion cover that will work wonders to elevate neutral decors as well as complement bold colour schemes.

Lugano Dining Chair, Off-White - Cream

Lugano Dining Chair, Off-White – Cream £790

Lugano chair, classic design with timeless appeal, made from solid wood mahogany with linen cushioned seat pad for comfort to sit.

We love the carved out back detailing and intricate design to add unexpected character to the design.
Use individually around the home or better yet use as dining chairs for the whole family or friends to enjoy together.

Euphoria Cloud Pearlescent Wallpaper

Euphoria Cloud Pearlescent Wallpaper – £39

This gorgeous wallpaper will elevate any interior space. Featureing a beautiful clouded pattern which is subtle but will be a focal point for any room.

This wallcovering would look stunning in any nursery due to its dreamy and warm neutral design.

Eat Drink Nap Neutral Coffee Table Book

Eat Drink Nap Neutral Coffee Table Book – £35

Elevate your living space with the Eat Drink Nap book, this beautiful book is perfect for styling in any neutral scheme.

Packed with interior design tips, recipes and more, Eat, Drink, Nap shows you to how to take a slice of Soho House home. From cooking classic roast chicken, to shaking the perfect Soho Mule, to choosing the right sofa for your sitting room, the experts share their secrets for contemporary living the Soho House way.

Hurst Linen Armchair, Dark Mink

Hurst Linen Armchair, Dark Mink – £950

The Hurst armchair, inspired by traditional armchairs found in 19th-century English libraries, has a generous back, supportive arms, and distinctive hand-applied button studding. Hurst is a versatile chair with charming character and traditional style that is ideal for lounge rooms, bedrooms, and reading nooks.

This cosy chair comes with classic details such as beautifully shaped wooden legs and casters, while the softly padded seat cushion and sturdy frame make the accent chair ideal for everyday use. Hurst, available in a variety of velvets and linens, will anchor a modern home or country cottage with equal charm and comfort.

Corfe Ceramic Vase

Corfe Ceramic Vase – £42

Celebrate your distinct style with the organic beauty of our Corfe vase.

This serene vase reflects a sculptural aesthetic inspired by nature’s beautiful irregularity, combining artisan craft with functionality. Instead of aiming for perfect symmetry, this ephemeral vase creates a moment of calm with a subtle texture and soft taupe glaze.

This unique vase can be used to decorate an entry table with dried branches, a coffee table with flowers, or sit atop a favourite book.

Didsbury Armchair

Didsbury Armchair – From £1,375

Add a touch of serenity to your home with the Didsbury Armchair.

This modern reading chair features a soft, full-bodied silhouette, an inviting padded seat and sleek metal legs that beautifully complement one another.

The Didsbury Armchair embodies retro style and falls perfectly into place inside both a classic and contemporary style home. Also available in the Didsbury is a two and three-seater sofa.

Photographed here Classic Velvet Warm Beige with Black Metal legs.

Sandstone Linen Flat Sheet

Sandstone Linen Flat Sheet – £89

These linen flat sheets are ideal for layering under your duvet for warmth or for providing gentle, natural cover in the summer months.

Made from 100% European flax and available in a wide range of signature shades, they are a great way to mix up your colour scheme with our collection of duvet covers and pillowcases. T

he Sandstone flat sheet is in a neutral, textured and lifting shade, inspired by English country houses.

Bakewell Sofa In Warm Dough Clever Velvet

Bakewell Sofa In Warm Dough Clever Velvet – £1725

“Plumptuous.” That’s how this sofa feels. Straight out of the Loaf oven of squish.

Choose from 130 different fabrics and four sizes, you are sure to find a perfect Bakewell sofa for your home.

The Loaf winning recipe of feather, foam and fibre makes for less plumping, more slumping.

And with proper British craftsmanship, generations of know-how go into every pleat, fold and frame.

Boho Cotton Ceiling Light £185

Boho Cotton Ceiling Light – £185

Create a cosy atmoshpere in your home with this gorgeous Boho Cotton Ceiling Light, a natural linen lamp shade with a frayed fringe seam.

This off-white Boho Cotton Ceiling is perfect for softly diffusing light and adding a warm and welcoming glow to your home.

Features a black pin cord and a ceiling cap, this ceiling light is versatile and looks great as a bedroom light, office lighting or living room lighting.

Takai Marble Table Lamp

Takai Marble Table Lamp – £299.95

The beige Takai Marble Table Lamp from Studio Mavro//Lefèvre by Sofie Lefèvre is a super sophisticated light inspired by architecture and brutalism. It features an intriguing, impactful solid marble lamp base and soft fabric shade. This artful lamp embodies the same distinct materials and textures as brutalism: brown marble, flax linen, and burnished brass, making this a table lamp that is sure to be appreciated for its warmth and timelessness.

The Takai Marble Table Lamp is entirely unique. Brown marble is a rare natural material, meaning that each lamp is truly one of a kind and wonderfully unique. That means each lamp has beautiful lines, colours, and patterns that are sure to capture your imagination and give your space a one-of-a-kind touch.

Amelia Cream Rustic Sideboard £705

Amelia Cream Rustic Sideboard – £705
Now only £564.00 and 1 left!

Incorporate nude tones and natural textures into your home with the Amelia Cream Rustic Sideboard.

In a beautiful creamy taupe shade, this wooden sideboard has plenty of space to keep your home organized and clutter-free. The natural rattan on the doors adds organic texture to the room, whilst the sleek lines and expert craftsmanship add a contemporary touch.

With a curved silhouette and open shelves, this rattan sideboard is the perfect fusion of farmhouse and midcentury style.

Leaf Envy

Peach Flamingo Flower – £16, Elizabeth Shell in Small – £22,

This beautiful house plant has air purifying qualities to equal its floral charm.

Stunning waxy peach flowers grow from long dark green stems, which are framed by large leaves

A great choice for a gift or those looking to add a pop of colour to their home interiors.

Megan Striped Pure Wool Throw

Megan Striped Pure Wool Throw – £117

Simple, elegant, and timeless; this throw oozes warmth. A simple horizontal stripes pattern is elevated by a modern twist on a classic colour-scheme, with soft tones of cream, brown and grey.

Woven from 100% wool and trimmed with fringe edging, it makes a wonderful gift to a loved one or yourself.

It is the perfect finishing accent to your room décor, be it a bedroom, a living room or just a reading snug.

Happy living with friendly designs!

Takai Wall light

Takai Wall light – £99.95

Illuminate any room in your home with the Takai wall lamp by Studio Mavro//Lefèvre by Sofie Lefèvre. Whether your space is a working office, living room, bedroom, or dining area, the timeless elegance of this versatile lamp will provide sophisticated and comfortable lighting for any occasion.

Made with a burnished brass base and a stunning fabric shade in a beautiful shape, this lamp radiates luxury, grace, and a warm ambience that you’ll love. Drawing inspiration from the classic designs of luxury hotels, the Takai wall lamp adds a special touch to any space.

Let its innovative style serve as the perfect centrepiece in your home and enjoy its inviting glow every evening.

Beige Flower Market Art Print By Ruby And B From From £21

Beige Flower Market Art Print By Ruby And B From £21

Walls looking a little bare? Looking to liven ‘em up with some inspiring wall art? Transform your boring, blank walls into a space that screams ‘OMG, this is sooo me!’.

Choose some artwork from fy!

French Bedroom_Sourdough Velvet Quilted Bedspread_£220

Sourdough Velvet Quilted Bedspread – £220

A luxurious velvet in an easy to style colour that will take you effortlessly from season to season.

This luxuriously soft and fully reversible velvet bedspread is made from 100% natural materials.

The velvet face side of this bedspread is a colour that sits between ivory and the palest fawn, and the reverse is a natural oatmeal linen. The hand-embroidered stitches in ivory thread create the effect of little domed dimples on both sides of the bedspread giving the velvet a sumptuous aesthetic.

Available in a range of colours.

Bubble Candle

Bubble Candle – £30

Fancy a candle that’s outside the box?

Super square yet totally trendy, this gorgeously unique cube-shaped, 100% soy wax candle is hand poured in the UK and available in cool neutral or smart ivory.

Peachskin Quilted Cushion in Oatmeal_£45

Peachskin Quilted Cushion in Oatmeal – £45

This large square continental size Peachskin Cushion is the perfect!

Aptly named, the Peachskin Oatmeal Cushions are impossibly soft; the texture and feel reminds us of the softest Mediterranean peach! Visually, the texture looks like a finely woven linen but to the touch it is a super soft fine cotton, making it beautifully luxurious to sleep against.

Meeting Point Framed Abstract Canvas Art

Meeting Point Framed Abstract Canvas Art – £190

Meeting Point framed canvas art presents 2 white abstract mountains meeting against a warm neutral background.
This very minimal, abstract mountain landscape is the perfect statement in a light and cosy space.

Home Scented Candle

Home Scented Candle – £44

The Home refillable candle, scented with leather, vanilla, woodsmoke, myrrh and vetiver makes you feel at home in an instant as it captures the welcoming atmosphere of our ancient Welsh farm.

Home is hand poured with a natural, plant-based wax, uses an organic cotton wick and is scented with essential and botanical oils.

The Home Signature Scent candle comes in a beautiful ceramic pot (a candle pot you can refill, making it a pot for life) made by talented British potter Wendy Calder. The pot is made from a light, white clay and finished with a pale cream, glossy glaze.

Palais Avenue Upholstered Bed_£2295

Palais Avenue Upholstered Bed – £2295

Hand-carved, baroque style acanthus leaves caress the mahogany framework, finished in crackle-finish antique white with gold highlights.

Antique White Crackle Finish Bed Frame with Gold Highlights and Linen Buttoned upholstery

Available in king, super king and emperor sizes. Prices starting from £1995.00.

Polka Dot Lumbar Cushion in Cream & Navy

Polka Dot Lumbar Cushion in Cream & Navy – £110

These cushions are filled with a top quality down and feather mix so they are soft, plump and super comfortable.

Bloomingville Isold Vase

Bloomingville Isold Vase – £26.95

An impressive piece that’ll become the focal point of any room it’s styled in, the Isold Vase from Bloomingville exudes an understated luxe style with its unique quirky shape.

This striking vase is a glorious way to display your favourite flowers, finished in a neutral colour that’ll seamlessly compliment any interior scheme with a playful edge. Simply place this beige beauty on any side table or shelf for a decorative detail that eyes will instantly be drawn to.

Bloomingville Cotton Hanging Planter

Bloomingville Cotton Hanging Planter – £49

With the trend for indoor plants only getting bigger, why not display yours in the Cotton Hanging Planter from Bloomingville.

The perfect way to bring the outdoors in, this plant hanger will add interest to that dull corner in a jiffy!
Made from cotton rope using the macrame technique it is sure to look stunning hanging in every room of the house and would make a wonderful gift for any plant lover.

Stahl Folding Side Table with Removable Tray

Stahl Folding Side Table with Removable Tray – £165

Who doesn’t love a cheeky breakfast in bed? Well, with the Stahl Folding Side Table with Removable Tray it will be one easy task.

The tray is manufactured from sandstone and the legs solid acacia wood with a stunning whitewash finish that gives this table a gorgeous rustic finish. Suitable to be used outdoors, it would be a perfect addition to those garden parties.

A jug of Pimms, some naughty cakes, delish! What’s more, when not in use it can be easily stored with the foldable legs and removable tray, ideal for smaller houses!

Spot Teepee Bed Frame White

Spot Teepee Bed Frame White – £395

Who says you need to leave the house to go camping? The fantastic new Spot Bed with Teepee Frame from Vox is the perfect unique kids bed for little adventurers and wannabe nomads!

The Tipi Bed Frame comes on lockable wheels, so it can be positioned over the bed to create a fun and safe Teepee Cabin Bed option, or it can be moved during the day and used as a stunning teepee den.
The stylish A-frame design is easy to customise with drapes, curtains, cotton ball lights, feather boas – whatever takes your fancy! – to create a cool kids themed bedroom, or use with the matching Tipi Tent (available separately) to create an enclosed kids bed or play area.

Charley Chau Faux-Fur Dog Blanket

Charley Chau Faux-Fur Dog Blanket – £85

A little bit decadent and simply divine, this luxurious Faux-Fur Dog Blankets are indescribably soft, super-stylish and machine washable too.

Charley Chauu beautiful faux-fur dog blankets are backed with a co-ordinating super-soft fleece so they are warm and cosy -a real joy to snuggle under.

Luxe-up your dog’s existing bed, drape over your sofa or an armchair, they are quite simply gorgeous!

Made in England with love.

Alpaca Travel Shawl / Pillow

Alpaca Travel Shawl / Pillow – £109.95

A design classic, this generous 90 x 190 cm shawl comes pre-rolled in a matching drawstring bag to make a neat little travel pillow.

A deliciously light blend of baby alpaca (70%) and bamboo fibre (30%), the shawl is silky soft, whisper light and hypoallergenic.

Versatile for all occasions but ideal on long flights, on holiday, at weddings, garden parties. Weightlessly warm, the travel shawl can be used year-round and the bolster bag protects it when you’re not wearing it.

Blush Bunny Bunch

Blush Bunny Bunch – £24.59

Blush Bunny Bunch is a delightful bundle of dried pale pink bunny tails. Perfect for adding a pop of colour and texture to neutral interiors.  These stems create captivating displays. 

Enjoy the benefits of displaying dried flowers which are low maintenance, long-lasting, added texture and eco-friendliness. Elevate your decor with these charming dried blooms that exude charm and sophistication.