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Heather Black is empowering women in tech through Supermums

In the dynamic world of technology, where innovation and adaptability are key, Heather Black stands out as a beacon of change. As the founder and CEO of Supermums, she has not only transformed her own career but has also paved the way for countless other women to embrace the world of Salesforce. In this feature we’ll take a closer look at Heather Black’s remarkable journey and the impact of Supermums on women in tech.

A Vision Born from Experience

Heather Black’s journey with Supermums began in 2016, following the birth of her second daughter. It was during this transformative period of her life that Heather recognized the need for mothers to have flexible and well-paid career options after becoming parents. Drawing from her years of flexible work with Salesforce and her background in training and employability support, Heather decided to take matters into her own hands.

The Birth of Supermums Salesforce Programme

Heather’s deep-rooted expertise in Salesforce, coupled with her passion for empowering women, led to the creation of the Supermums Salesforce programme. This initiative was designed to train and empower women to embark on new careers within the Salesforce ecosystem. It was a visionary response to the challenges many women face when attempting to balance their careers with motherhood.

A Global Impact

Supermums has come a long way since its inception and has grown into a global social enterprise. The organization has played a pivotal role in accelerating the careers of over 1000 trainees within the Salesforce ecosystem through its comprehensive training and recruitment services. Since its founding in 2016, Supermums has not only supported over a thousand individuals but has also facilitated connections with more than 200 employers, helping them find exceptional talent.

The Expertise Behind the Success

Heather’s journey to becoming a trailblazer in the Salesforce community was paved with hard work and dedication. Before launching Supermums, she ran her own Salesforce Consultancy for a decade. Her consultancy’s achievements were nothing short of remarkable, earning the prestigious EMEA Consulting Partner of the Year Award. Under her leadership, the consultancy successfully oversaw more than 700 projects for 350 customers. Heather was also honored to serve as a EMEA Partner Advisory Board Member. Her impressive list of credentials includes being 8 times certified, a Change Management and NLP Practitioner, and holding a Diploma in Business Analysis Practice and Foundation in Agile DSDM Project Management.

A Focus on Empowering Others

Since 2020, Heather has dedicated her time to training and advising Executive Sponsors and Salesforce professionals. Through the Supermums Consultancy Skills Course, she imparts essential skills necessary for leading digital transformation and Salesforce projects. Her expertise is highly sought after, making her a trusted resource in the field.

Coming Soon: A Guide to Salesforce Success

In October 2023, Heather is set to release her first book titled “How to be a Super Salesforce Consultant – Superpower your Salesforce Career with this A-to-Z Guide on how to Lead a Salesforce Project.” This book promises to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to excel in the world of Salesforce consulting.

Awards and Recognition

Heather Black’s efforts in championing women in tech have not gone unnoticed. She is a coveted Golden Hoodie Winner and has been recognized in the “100 Most Influential Women in Tech” by Computer Weekly and in the “Tech Women 100 Awards” by We are Tech Women, among other prestigious accolades.

Continued Empowerment

Heather Black continues to inspire and empower women and men alike to pursue the freedom and flexibility that a career in Salesforce can offer. Her dedication to making the tech industry more inclusive and accessible is an inspiration to all, and Supermums remains a shining example of how one person’s vision can transform lives and industries. Heather’s journey is a testament to the power of determination, expertise, and a commitment to positive change. Through Supermums, she has not only rewritten her own career story but has also helped countless others do the same.

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