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Spotlight On: Catherine Fibane, crafting beauty in gold and gemstones

Discover the inspiring journey of Catherine Fiabane, the creative mind behind The Lane Fine Jewellery.

Meet Catherine Fiabane, the creative genius behind The Lane Fine Jewellery. Her journey is a story of reinvention and following her heart’s desire. Once a Stage Manager in the bustling world of theater, Catherine realised that balancing the demands of the job with family life, especially after the birth of her daughter, was going to be a Herculean task. But life had other plans for her, plans that involved sparkling gemstones and precious metals.

A Creative Spark Ignites

Catherine’s love for crafting began during her theater days when she enjoyed making props. Little did she know that this creative itch would later lead her to a whole new career. As a kid, she had a penchant for collecting tumbled stones from souvenir shops during family vacations. Armed with copper wire she scavenged from her DIY-loving dad, she would fashion these stones into unique pieces of jewellery for her friends.

Catherine working at the bench

The Birth of The Lane Fine Jewellery

The turning point came when Catherine decided to take a leap of faith. She waved goodbye to her steady job and embarked on a thrilling adventure – starting her very own fine jewellery brand, The Lane Fine Jewellery. Her decision was fueled by a burning desire to revisit her childhood passion and give it a contemporary twist.

The ‘Hedgerow’ Collection: Nature’s Beauty Transformed

Catherine’s jewellery collection, ‘Hedgerow,’ draws inspiration from the enchanting Scottish highlands that surround her home. Her daily treks up the steep hill behind her house have become a rich source of creativity. These walks force her to slow down, allowing her to appreciate the small wonders of nature that often go unnoticed.

Fine Jewellery
Bramble Crossover Ring

Blossoming Amidst Hardship

The ‘Hedgerow’ collection is a love letter to the blackthorn hedges teeming with wildflowers along her path. Catherine finds beauty in their ability to thrive in tough conditions. The texture of her jewellery pieces mirrors the delicate, lace-like cow parsley flowers that sway in the wind, providing a visual feast for the eyes.

Fine Jewellery
Comet Earrings – These sparkling drop earring will light up any special occasion. Natural diamonds glitter from their 9ct gold settings, like a comet shooting across the midnight sky.

Homage to Nature’s Prickly Beauties

Each design in Catherine’s collection pays homage to her favorite plants: the sloe, wild rose, and bramble. These prickly plants, like life itself, can be a bit thorny, but they yield exquisite blossoms and tasty fruits for those willing to endure a few scratches.

Fine Jewellery
Inspired by the blackthorn bushes that burst from the Scottish hedgerows, these 18ct gold earrings celebrate their thorns and fruit.

Catherine Fiabane’s Artistic Journey

Catherine Fiabane’s journey from stage manager to fine jewellery is a tribute to following one’s passion. Her ability to find inspiration in the unlikeliest of places – the Scottish hedgerows – and turn it into exquisite jewellery is nothing short of magical. Her creations not only adorn their wearers but also tell a tale of transformation and artistic expression. Catherine’s leap of faith has taken her on an inspiring adventure, proving that true beauty can emerge when you follow your heart.

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