Introducing”Blushing Rose”: The Vely Soapery’s Latest Lip Balm

What sets the “Blushing Rose” Lip Balm apart is not just its nourishing ingredients but also its delicate, natural mica-based tint. This subtle shimmer adds a touch of elegance while moisturising and safeguarding your lips. Each application represents more than mere lip care; it embodies The Vely Soapery’s commitment to excellence in natural self-care.

Adding a delightful twist to its launch, The Vely Soapery recently held a competition on Instagram to name this alluring lip balm. The winning name, “Blushing Rose,” was suggested by Anne Louise Magazine, chosen from a pool of creative entries. This unique naming contest resonated with the brand’s community, allowing them to actively participate in the product’s journey from creation to its introduction.

“Blushing Rose” Lip Balm epitomises The Vely Soapery’s dedication to offering individuals an experience that surpasses the ordinary. It signifies a commitment to providing products that celebrate the beauty and effectiveness of natural elements, maintaining the brand’s unwavering principles.

Lip Balm
Strawberry and Grapefruit Natural Lip Balm “Blushing Rose” – £6.99 £5.99

This lip balm is not just a cosmetic; it’s an invitation to indulge in a sensory journey that encompasses both elegance and natural goodness. The Vely Soapery’s “Blushing Rose” Lip Balm is a testament to their philosophy of purity, sustainability, and the transformative power of botanicals.

As Halyna and The Vely Soapery continue their journey towards Earth-friendly, natural products, the introduction of “Blushing Rose” Lip Balm marks another step in their quest to provide high-quality, botanical-based self-care products.

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