Exploring the Melodic Journey of Rosie H. Sullivan: An Intimate Conversation with a Soulful Songwriter

In the world of music, some individuals seamlessly weave their lives with melodies, lyrics, and the enchantment of creation. Rosie H. Sullivan, a name that resonates with a blend of heartfelt tunes and raw authenticity, shares her musical odyssey in an exclusive interview.

1. Rosie, can you tell us a little about your journey as a songwriter and how you got started in the music industry?

⁃ Music and creativity has always been a constant in my life. It was never really a decision I felt, just something that’s happened, and I feel so lucky that it is. I’ve been writing and singing as long as I can remember, I love how I can call this my job.

2. Who are some of your musical influences, and how have they shaped your songwriting over the years?

⁃ Far too many to name, this is always a difficult question. I grew up being exposed to some amazing artists thanks to my dad, the likes of, Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, Genesis. My music influences are always evolving. Over the years some influences I’ve had, Laura Marling, Feist, Phoebe Bridgers, Gregory Alan Isakov, Bon Iver, to name a few.

Rosie H. Sullivan

3. Beyond your musical career, what other passions or hobbies do you enjoy?

⁃ I love being outside, I grew up on a beautiful island and my love for nature is definitely thanks to that. Any outdoor activity, I’ll be there. Recently, been getting into crocheting and lino printing (maybe a hint to potential merch here!).

4. As a creative individual, are there any books, movies, or artworks that have inspired you and influenced your creative process?

⁃ Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. Properly life changing and in my top 3 books. No words to describe how powerful it is, and any other creative person I’ve passed it onto has felt the same.

Rosie H. Sullivan

5. If your life was a movie, what genre would it be, and which actress would play you?

⁃ Probably a comedy as sometimes you couldn’t write the things that happen in my life. I’ve been told I look like Millie Bobbie Brown so maybe her?

6. Imagine you’re hosting a dinner party. Which three historical figures, dead or alive, would you invite, and why?

⁃ If Miriam Margolyes counts as a historical figure, she’d be there to help me eat all the radishes. Freddie Mercury is definitely someone I’ve always wanted to meet, so a dinner party with him wouldn’t go amiss. Ultimately, most likely Joni Mitchell, if I ever meet her, I’ve made it in life.

Rosie H. Sullivan

7. In an alternate universe, if you weren’t a musician, what profession do you think you’d excel in, and why?

⁃ People say music and maths go together but I don’t believe that because I am horrific at maths. So maybe a far away alternate universe, I’d be a mathematician. 

8. If you could time travel to any era for a day, which period in history would you choose, and what would you do there?

⁃ I think the 60s/70s would be a lot of fun. In the music video for my song ‘Timeless’ there is some beautiful old cinefilm of camping and kayaking trips in this time, and I’d love to be transported there.

9. If your life had a theme song, what would it be, and why does it represent you?

⁃ I think this is an ever evolving one too. This year I’ve resonated a lot with ‘Change’ by Big Thief. It’s a beautiful song and the poetry of the lyrics really encompasses the feeling of ‘change’, which I think life can be filled with a lot of the time.

Rosie H. Sullivan

10. Collaboration is an essential part of the music industry. Are there any artists or individuals outside of the music world that you’d love to collaborate with, and why?

⁃ I’ve always loved poetry, and the last few years have loved a lot of Carol Ann Duffy. I think merging art forms together can be really beautiful and something I’d love to do. 

11. What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in balancing your personal life and your career in the music industry, and how have you managed to find that equilibrium?

⁃ It’s something I’m still definitely working on, and something I don’t take lightly. It’s a big challenge and striking that balance has been difficult for me, but I think each day I’m growing into finding something that works for me. It’s a very subjective thing, I think most importantly I have to set aside a lot of time for myself to be able to reset and do what I do best as good as I can.

12. How do you approach the process of writing a new song? Do you have a particular routine or creative space that helps you get into the zone?

⁃ It totally varies on the song. I don’t think I’ve written two songs the same way. Sometimes inspiration strikes in a moment and you’ve got something straight away, other times things have to be eased out with careful creation.

Rosie H. Sullivan

13. Can you share any details about your upcoming projects or new music you’re currently working on?

⁃ I’m still balancing university and music, so for now, just continuing to write away and enjoy every moment. It’s been a big year of releasing new music and it has been so lovely, but lots of work. I’ve got lots of things brewing away though.

14. How do you handle writer’s block or creative slumps when they occur, and do you have any advice for aspiring songwriters dealing with the same challenges?

⁃ I think, don’t be hard on yourself. Life is meant to have ebbs and flows, so naturally you can’t be going full steam ahead all the time. Being kind with yourself and taking time you need when you need it is important. I like to find ways of getting new inspiration into my life, and sometimes the most mundane things can spark an idea.

15. Lastly, what do you hope your audience takes away from your music, and what legacy would you like to leave as a songwriter in the industry?

⁃ Connection has always been at the core of it. Knowing that songs I write, first and foremost for me, can connect with people across the world is more than I could ever ask for. I try to be as authentic as possible in all I do, so If that comes through in my music then I’ll have done my job.

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Rosie H. Sullivan

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