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StableSkin: Stylish, Affordable, Waterproof Equestrian Jackets for Every Adventure!

Discover the ideal Waterproof Equestrian Jackets for all your outdoor adventures, brought to you by StableSkin.

In the bustling world of outdoor enthusiasts, StableSkin emerges as a beacon of innovation, born in April 2023 under the expert guidance of its passionate proprietors, Hollie Lightbown and Garry Beswick. This small business is not just a venture; it’s a testament to the founders’ commitment to enhancing the outdoor experience for horse enthusiasts like themselves.

Drenched in the reality of spending countless hours outdoors, braving all kinds of weather with their beloved horses, Hollie and Garry found themselves grappling with the challenge of soggy jackets during the winter months. Fueled by the desire to transform this inconvenience into an opportunity, they embarked on a journey to create the quintessential waterproof jacket that seamlessly blends versatility, quality, and affordability – thus, StableSkin was born.

At the heart of StableSkin’s offerings lies a fully waterproof and windproof outdoor jacket, crafted to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Boasting a breathable sherpa fleece lining, this jacket ensures warmth without compromising on comfort. The waterproof rating of 15,000 mm attests to its durability, while the fleece comes in three different weights to cater to individual preferences.

Catering to equestrians with a discerning eye for detail, StableSkin jackets are equipped with features tailored for safe horseback riding. Cleverly designed hidden side zips and leg straps discreetly cater to riders,and if you’re not a rider, these elements seamlessly integrate into the jacket’s aesthetic. The hood, effortlessly accommodates riding hats and remains steadfast even in their absence.

StableSkin proudly showcases its embroidered logo on the left chest and back, a mark of distinction for those who choose to embrace this innovative outdoor apparel. The thoughtfully designed inner pockets serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. A small, waterproof safety pocket, adorned with the brand’s logo, stands ready to safeguard valuables. Meanwhile, the larger A4 inside pocket proves to be a versatile companion, accommodating everything from flasks to snacks for both humans and their animal companions.

StableSkin’s appeal extends far beyond the stables, making it a wardrobe essential for various occasions – be it at the yard, an event, a leisurely dog walk, or a quick trip to the shop. The jackets are crafted to offer an oversized fit, allowing for comfortable layering while maintaining a flattering silhouette.

Acknowledging the diverse needs of their clientele, StableSkin caters to both the young and the young at heart. Children’s sizes range from XXS for 5-9-year-olds to XS for 10-16-year-olds. For adults, the sizes include Small (8-12 loose fitted, 14 fitted) and Medium (14-16 loose fitted, 18 fitted). Every purchase of a StableSkin comes with a waterproof bag! 

StableSkin is set to launch an array of products over the upcoming months. To stay ahead of these exciting developments, why not follow StableSkin’s journey on their social media pages or at www.stableskin.uk – where innovation meets the great outdoors.