Tips to Help a Dog Feel Cosy, Comfy and Cared for This Christmas from Luxury Dog Bedding Company Charley Chau

Over the festive period, spending quality time with loved ones is very much the spirit of the season, and with our dogs being very important family members, it’s important their needs and happiness are taken in to account, as we busy ourselves with festive preparations and fun.

With an always-on approach to considering canine comfort and happiness, award-wining luxury dog bedding company of over 12 years,Charley Chau’s Co-Founder Christine Chau shares tips to keep your dog safe and help them feel happy and loved during the holiday season.

Keeping them safe

Toxic food and drink. Our festive indulgences can be extremely harmful, even fatal for dogs, so it’s important to know the offenders and ensure your pup does not have access to them, whether it’s leftovers or temptations under the tree:

  • Harmful or poisonous substances to dogs include chocolate (especially darker varieties), macadamia nuts, raisins, and grapes (mince pies, Christmas pudding and Panettone).
  • Ingesting alcohol, caffeine, blue cheese, onion, garlic, or turkey bones might also give cause for your dog needing an emergency trip to the vet.

Dangerous decorations. While there’s no need to be a Christmas grinch, there are ways to pet proof your festive interiors:

  • If you prefer a real tree to faux, hoover up needles daily to avoid them ending up in your dog’s paws or worse, stomach.
  • Ideally use shatterproof baubles, but place any glass or delicate decorations higher up the tree where your dog can’t reach.
  • If you have a particularly curious canine, keep excess fairy light cables closely bound and turn the lights off if your dog is left unattended to avoid electric shock or burns.
  • Tinsel, ribbons, and garlands also need to be considered, as while not toxic they can get stuck in dogs’ tummies with an emergency vet visit to follow!

Other items to be aware of around dogs include festive plants such as poinsettias, ivy, and mistletoe, which are mildly toxic to pets; batteries (for all those new kids’ gadgets), and snow globes as some are made with antifreeze. Also consider gifts under the tree, which for mischievous pups may look like a never-ending toy dispenser. Should your dog ingest any of the above, consult your vet immediately for advice.

Operate a strict door policy! While your household knows the procedure around doors and your dog, visiting guests might not. So be extra vigilant at the front door, which may stay open longer than usual while guests ferry in presents and festive food, giving your dog added opportunity to perform their escape act. It’s also worth explaining to guests, which rooms your dog is allowed access to, and which are off limits.

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Help them chill

With all their favourite people in constant supply, Christmas can be a happy time for dogs, but it can also be stressful. Their daily routine is disrupted and there’s more humans around making noise. While some dogs take it in their stride, others can find it too much. Dogs communicate stress in different ways, but common signs of an unhappy pooch include pacing, panting, trembling, excessive yawning, drooling, and licking. If your dog shows any of these signs, some ways to offer them a little TLC include:

  • Extra playtime, exercise and mental stimulation before visitors arrive, as it will help to release nervous energy and tire them out, so they’re in a calmer state of mind when the fun starts.
  • Try calming if extra exercise isn’t sufficient. Dorwest have an excellent and trusted range of natural Scullcap and Valerian supplements to support a dog’s with anxiety and stress.
  • If your dog is home alone, leave soothing music such as classical sounds playing on the TV or radio to help them relax.
  • Avoid crackers, as the loud snapping noise can be very stressful for canines.
  • Should your dog get stressed, stay calm and act as normal as possible. Over-fussing can escalate the situation, potentially making it worse for the dog.
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Provide a calm retreat 

With giddy children and jovial adults, this excitable time can throw off a happy hound, so, it’s important that your dog has a safe retreat if things get too much:

  • A cosy, comfy dog bed is the perfect retreat away from all the hustle and bustle. As luxury dog bedding specialists, we have a wide choice of seriously cosy and comfy dog beds in all shapes and sizes, for dogs of all shapes and sizes – from Crate Bedding, cocoon-like Ducky Donut Beds, to Snuggle Beds for burrowers and heaps more.
  • If your dog likes to be in the same room with you, then create their own space by placing their bed in a corner or a sheltered spot (e.g., under a table) so they feel they have their own den. If they’d rather have more privacy, set them up in another room but avoid shutting the door, as they could make them feel more stressed.
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Help your dog have a pawfect Christmas in their own cosy cocoon from luxury dog bedding


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