A Fragrance For Every Month: Loriest & Co’s Exquisite Candles

As the brisk winds of winter approach, there’s nothing quite like the warm glow and inviting fragrance of a scented candle to transform a space. Loriest & Co, a luxury candle brand born and inspired by the rich tapestry of each month on the British Isles, has recently unveiled its full range of twelve exquisite candles, each meticulously crafted to encapsulate the essence of a specific month. Let’s embark on a sensory journey with Loriest & Co, where every candle is a celebration of nature, memory, and the changing seasons.

Loriest & Co’s Unique Approach

Founded in 2022 by beauty industry expert Anna Jackson, Loriest & Co takes pride in curating scents that unfold the story of each month, capturing the nuanced beauty of the British Isles. Anna’s vision was simple but profound: to create candles that go beyond mere fragrance, evoking the intangible essence of the ever-changing landscape, its hidden corners, and the memories formed within.

Let’s take a closer look at the following four months of candles whilst reading about Loriest & Co.

Candle - November Loriest &Co

Notes of November scented candle – £40

Notes of November autumn scented candle captures the cosy rich scent of woodsmoke and cedarwood, and is balanced with a nuance of sweetened sloes.

The month of November in the UK revels in both the celebrations of gathering together, and the joy found in quiet cosy moments. Inspired by books, old and new, logs by the fire and hints of cocoa in autumn, Notes of November scented candle releases a wonderfully nostalgic aromatic home fragrance that will delight in any room throughout autumn.

A Fragrance for Every Month

Loriest & Co’s collection is an olfactory journey through the seasons, with each candle representing a specific month and its unique character. From the joyful woody scent of December, reminiscent of evergreen forests bathed in winter sunshine, to the invigorating herbaceous aromas of January, awakening the senses with rosemary and thyme, and the romantic floral amber scent of February, echoing the arrival of snowdrops – each candle is a poetic expression of the British Isles.


Notes of December scented candle – £40

Notes of December luxury winter candle is rich with the fragrant notes of an evergreen forest, the lightness of sunlit woodlands, along with the subtle floral beauty of camellia flowers and the scent of Christmas peeking around the corner.

Inspired by the weekend wonder of a woodland stroll through an evergreen arboretum, where the beautifully verdant scent of spruce, fir and pine enrich and refresh the air. This vibrant sensorial winter home fragrance is married with bay and eucalyptus leaf, and enveloped by the floral elegance of the camellia flower to create an aromatic botanical scented candle with a year round scent that delights in any home.

Will delight in any room throughout autumn.

Sustainable and Ethical Commitment

Beyond its captivating fragrances, Loriest & Co takes pride in its commitment to sustainability and ethical practices. All candles are 100% vegan, and each element is sourced from suppliers in the British Isles. The carefully formulated wax blend of soy, rapeseed, and coconut ensures a clean burning, soot-free, sustainable, and biodegradable product, aligning with Loriest & Co’s dedication to the environment.


Notes of January scented candle- £40

Notes of January scented candle takes the beautiful florals of viburnum and crocus, and delicately envelopes them in the uplifting herb notes of rosemary and wild thyme to make a wonderful home fragrance.

The month of January brings a fresh new start, and this natural candle suits any interior but is particularly good at cleansing the air, making it ideal in the kitchen. Notes of January’s vibrant evergreen garden herbs invigorate and inspire clarity and renewal. The subtle hint of the wintering flower viburnum eases this bright and bold scented candle into a delightful year-round favourite.

A Celebration of British Culture

In addition to its candles, Loriest & Co goes beyond the sensory experience by incorporating storytelling into its philosophy. The Loriest & Co Notebook, available on, features collaborations with independent businesses around the UK. Through interviews, literary recommendations, allotment-garden recipes, and more, the brand celebrates the diverse cultural richness of the British Isles.


Notes of January scented candle- £40

A beautifully light clean scent, our Notes of February scented candle is a tender, gentle fragrance of snowdrops and primrose nestled beneath green ferns, and enveloped by soft notes of moss.

The month of February heralds the tenderness of kindness and love with a scent that captures the quiet complexity of pale skies and foggy days with fragrant notes that harness the emergence of a new season. The result is a wonderfully delightful floral scented candle that perfectly fragrances any interior space.

Loriest & Co’s twelve-month candle collection is more than a series of scents; it’s a celebration of the ever-changing moods and moments of the British Isles. With a commitment to quality, transparency, and the art of storytelling, Anna Jackson has created not just candles, but olfactory time capsules that invite you to experience the essence of each month, one fragrant note at a time. So, as the seasons shift, let Loriest & Co be your guide through the rich tapestry of the British Isles, capturing the spirit of every month, moment by moment.

Introducing The Twelve Candles


Twelve candles for the twelve months, each carefully crafted with scent created by British perfumers and inspired by our wild isles.

January – an evergreen herbaceous kitchen garden
February – lightly floral snow drops and ferns
March – an eruption of hyacinth and narcissus blooms
April – a bluebell woodland
May – a delight of rhubarb and peony
June – an elegant rose garden beside freshly cut grass
July – a verdant greenhouse filled with tomato vines
August – a coastal walk amongst cliff top heather
September – English pears and sunshine on warm earth after the rain
October – mossy autumnal orchards
November – woodsmoke beside the hearth
December – an evergreen forest

Each candle £40

Made in the British Isles.

Free UK delivery.

Handwritten gift note & complimentary gift wrapping.

Approximately 60 hours burn time
Recycled and recyclable glass vessel
100% plant-based blend of sustainable soy, rapeseed, and coconut wax
Not tested on animals
Lead free cotton wick
Hand-poured in the British Isles

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