Give the gift of refillable candles

Give the gift of refillable candles this Christmas

Great House Farm stores are adding three original festive scents to their luxury, refillable candles. Wonder, Holy Moment and Tidings each capture and celebrate Christmas in a unique and beautiful way.

Founded by Anglo-Indian sisters, Abbie Price and Roanna Day, Great House Farm Stores is a luxury, refillable, candle brand based on the sisters’ family farm in Wales.

Working with artisan British potters to craft their ceramic vessels, every Great House Farm Stores candle is a unique creation that supports heritage crafts in the UK.

Every hand poured candle is refillable using the brand’s pioneering Pillar Refills. The luxury candles are made with a plant based wax, an organic cotton wick and each one is made with an original scent recipe filled with essential and botanical oils

Great House Farm Stores’ Christmas scents are truly unique.

Holy Moment is founder and scent recipe writer Roanna Day’s favourite of the three:

“The concept for Holy Moment was to capture the incredible scent of a huge Italian cathedral at night. If you’ve ever visited a vast duomo and smelt the last of the incense burning, mixed with the scent of the stone then you’ll know what an unforgettable scent it is. Holy Moment is that cathedral moment, stone and spice, in a candle.”

Roanna Day

Their best selling Christmas fragrance: Tidings is back this year due to popular demand. The scent, loved by so many of the brands’ customers, is a luscious blend of vanilla, black pepper and cinnamon. And housed in a beautiful blue ceramic pot with splashed of gorgeous gold lustre.

Perhaps the most inspiring scent of the range is Wonder which captures the scent of spruce trees in the snow. One sniff and the unique scent transports you to a magical, snow-capped forest.

Between the magic of Holy Moment, the mystery of Wonder and the warmth of Tidings there’s a Christmas scent suitable for every kind of Christmas.

Which Magical Christmas Scent will you choose?

Give the gift of refillable candles - Wonder

Wonder Scented Candle – £52

The fresh, greenness of three different types of spruce is brought alive by the scent of snow and starlight – created with a careful blend of herbs and petrichor (the only oil to capture the scent of rain, of stone, of snow). Let this this magical scent recipe fill your nights with wonder.

Wonder Christmas candle comes in a beautiful refillable ceramic pot made by talented British potter Victoria & Finch. The pot features a subtly textured white glaze decorated with magical splashes of platinum lustre.

Give the gift of refillable candles - Tidings

Tiding Christmas Candles – £52

Tidings a spice-filled Christmas candle laced with Vanilla, Black Pepper, Cinnamon and Oak.

The combination of woody spices and vanilla sweetness creates the ultimate in Christmas spice candles. The complex original scent recipe will flood your home with glad tidings and Christmas cheer, helping you to relax and unwind at the same time.

Tidings Christmas candle comes in a beautiful refillable ceramic pot made by talented British potter HKD Ceramics. The pot features a beautiful deep blue glossy glaze with luxurious gold lustre explosions.

Give the gift of refillable candles - Holy Moment

Holy Moment Scented Candle – £52

Holy Moment candle carries the incredible scent of Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood and Stone. Inspired by the intense combination of old stone and incense found in ancient cathedrals this scented candle creates a ‘Holy Moment’ in your home this Christmas.

Holy Moment Christmas candle comes in a beautiful refillable ceramic pot made by talented British potter Victoria & Finch. The pot features a pale stone grey glaze with a glistening platinum lustre splashed across the surface.

About Abbie Price and Roanna Day

After giving up fast-paced lives in London and Bristol, these former city girls now live according to seasonal rhythms in the lush Welsh countryside. Inspired by its founders’ slow and natural approach to living, Great House Farm Stores releases a limited edition, seasonal scent four times a year.

Abbie and Roanna were brought up with fragrance and flavour at a young age, their mother would blend different essential oils to burn every morning depending on the time of year and how she was feeling. The sisters’ use this lifelong appreciation of fragrance, and its power to affect how we feel, to inform their candle recipes.

Similarly to understanding what food, drink or movement your body needs to feel nourished, Great House Farm Stores encourages customers to embrace their own Home Scent Practice and learn what scents are right for them in that very moment.

“Growing up in an Anglo-Indian family… fusions, flavour and scent were a way of life. We pour that magic into all of our candles.”

To see the Christmas range as well as the Great House Farm Stores other candles, pillar refills and gifts pop along to

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