Unleash Your Creativity with Affinity Photo: A Powerful Image Editing Tool for Photographers and Designers

Are you a photographer or designer looking for a versatile image editing tool that offers professional-grade features without breaking the bank? Look no further! Affinity Photo is a powerful and affordable image editing software that can transform your creative vision into reality. And check out the bottom of this page for you chance to WIN the complete Affinity bundle worth £169.99!

Affinity Photo, developed by Serif, is a popular alternative to Adobe Photoshop, known for its robust capabilities and user-friendly interface. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a creative enthusiast, Affinity Photo has all the tools and features you need to edit, retouch, and enhance your photos to perfection.

Get ready to explore the top features of Affinity Photo that make it a must-have tool for photographers and designers.

Non-Destructive Editing

One of the standout features of Affinity Photo is its non-destructive editing capability. You can make adjustments to your images, such as adjustments to exposure, color, and sharpness, without permanently altering the original image. This means you can always go back and modify your edits at any time, without losing any quality or detail in your photos.

Advanced Selection Tools

Affinity Photo offers a wide range of selection tools that allow you to make precise and complex selections with ease. From simple selection tools like marquee and lasso to advanced tools like magnetic selection and focus stacking, Affinity Photo empowers you to isolate and edit specific areas of your image with accuracy and efficiency.

High-Quality Retouching Tools

Affinity Photo comes with a variety of retouching tools that can help you remove blemishes, wrinkles, and imperfections from your photos. With the Healing Brush, Clone Stamp, and Frequency Separation tools, you can achieve professional-quality retouching results to enhance the beauty of your images.

Raw Editing

As a photographer, you know the importance of shooting in raw format for maximum image quality. Affinity Photo offers comprehensive support for raw image editing, allowing you to process your raw files with advanced tools for exposure, white balance, noise reduction, and lens correction. This ensures that you can bring out the full potential of your raw images with precision and control.

Affinity Photo

Advanced Layer Editing

Layers are a fundamental aspect of image editing, and Affinity Photo offers a robust set of layer editing tools that rival those of Adobe Photoshop. You can create, blend, and mask multiple layers to achieve complex composites, apply adjustments and filters to individual layers, and control the opacity and blending modes for precise control over your image editing workflow.

Panoramic and HDR Image Editing

Affinity Photo also offers powerful tools for stitching together panoramic images and creating stunning high dynamic range (HDR) photos. You can merge multiple images into seamless panoramas, adjust exposure and color balance for each image in the panorama, and create HDR images with precise tone mapping and merging capabilities.

Customizable Workspaces

Affinity Photo lets you customize your workspace to suit your workflow and preferences. You can arrange and group tools, panels, and menus according to your needs, create personalized keyboard shortcuts, and save your customized workspace for future use. This allows you to work more efficiently and comfortably, maximizing your productivity and creativity.

Wide File Format Support

Affinity Photo supports a wide range of file formats, including common image formats like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and PSD, as well as raw formats from popular camera manufacturers. You can seamlessly work with files from different sources without worrying about compatibility issues, making Affinity Photo a versatile tool for photographers and designers.

No subscription!

Purchase either the Windows or macOS version for a one-off payment of £69.99 or get the entire suite on all platforms for only £169.99 with the Universal Licence. You can also buy the iPad version on its own for £19.99.

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